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She Wanted the Future

by Mystics Anonymous

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released June 3, 2016

There was a thought, and then there were people who shared the thought. Those people met in rooms and communicated the thought via musical instruments. Then they met in other, bigger rooms and communicated the thought to larger groups of people. All the people seemed happy. So the people decided to try to capture the thought in a way that even more people could hear it. This item you're holding in your hand captures a bit of the magic that happens when this particular group of people get together to communicate the thought in this way.

Jeff made a lot of the sounds and noises on this recording, probably too many. Brian hit a lot of things and made noises with his mouth and generally brought a lot of style to the proceedings. Andrew laid a foundation and did it with humor as the grout. Do people know what grout is? Matt played all the really tasty guitar licks that make you feel like you're floating about a foot off the ground. Ken and Patrick showed up to add that certain something extra with panache. Mark took control of the good ship power pop and steered us to a happy landing. Ingrid brought the whole thing into the realm of the visible and tangible. We hope this EP makes you feel things. That's four out of five senses accounted for. Now we just need Smell-O-Vision.

Recorded at Sonelab and Gondwanaland. Mixed & mastered at Sonelab. Released on Centerlight Records. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed. Unauthorized duplication is a very bad thing to do. Oh yeah, and here's a barcode:




Mystics Anonymous Northampton, Massachusetts

Mystics Anonymous is the name of singer/songwriter Jeff Steblea’s musical project, best defined as eclectic independent rock. “With Mystics,” says Steblea, “the whole point was to establish a project where nothing is off-limits.”

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